8th Grade

July 9, 2011

Actually, let’s go ahead and recount 8th grade too, I think it is equally as important as my other years and I don’t want it to get forgotten in transition (<–PUN).

Eighth grade, braces, and a middle part.

8TH GRADE:  By eighth grade I had adamantly determined that I was a lesbian.  I continued to date boys, mostly because it was easy (I was an athlete, semi-developed in the boob area, and popular.  Everybody knew who I was because I got to read the announcements and lead the pledge of allegiance every morning for the whole school to hear over the intercom.  The announcements included a little section on “good life lessons” or some bullshit like that, a new theme everyday.  This almost ruined my life one day when my mispronunciation of “courtesy” (peter pronunciation: court-esy, like basketball court-esy) repeatedly rang through the entire school for ten agonizing minutes.  The worst part is that I didn’t realize until afterwards that I was saying it incorrectly and I was increasingly humiliated throughout the day when ALL-EVERY-SINGLE-ONE of my teachers, and even some teachers that weren’t mine, corrected me.  It didn’t help when I came in the next morning prepared to redeem myself and was handed a life lesson paragraph to read on curiosity.  Now I’d be damned if “curiosity” doesn’t sound near exactly like a mispronounced “courtesy”.  Reading announcements=ruining my life…anyways, EVERYBODY wanted to date somebody in middle school, you weren’t cool unless you were dating, so it wasn’t too hard to maintain “relationship” status.) and also because I wasn’t prepared to be open about my attractions.   

Despite my dating boys, I managed to meet an abundance of self-identified lesbians in the area (none in Mount Pleasant, but my hometown is part of a cluster of small towns with more populated gay communities), most of them older than me, but  HEY! I kinda liked that.  And in the Spring, maybe a month before summer started and right after I broke up with my most recent “serious” boyfriend (y’all know two weeks is considered a serious relationship), I had my first sexual experience with a girl.  Actually, my first sexual experience ever.  Up until this point I had kissed boys and made-out with boys (which was movin’ REAL fast in 8th grade, if you remember), but nothing like what happened that day.  I was at a friend’s house, she kissed me, we went to her bedroom, and she taught me how to fuck her.  She never did anything to me, it wasn’t reciprocated, but I was totally okay with that.  I still consider that the time that I lost my virginity. 

I didn’t see my friend much after that, not because I didn’t want to but mostly because both of us were too young to drive and it was hard to organize ways to see each other.  It was kind of understood that the sex between us was a learning experience, there were no emotions involved and we weren’t trying to date each other.  Looking back, I wouldn’t have done it any other way.  A completely detached learning experience is exactly what I needed and wanted.

Soon after that, I turned 14 and spent my summer before high school searching for other girls who wanted the same thing that I did: sex.

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