Appointment Troubles

August 16, 2011

Today was to be the day of my first testosterone appointment.  Then I got scheduled to work at the exact same time.  Then I cancelled my appointment this morning because I’m brand new at work and didn’t think I could find anybody to take my shift.  Then I found somebody to take my shift.  So I called the doctor and tried to take back my cancellation.  Then they told me they already filled it.  Now the next available appointment isn’t until August 31st.

I’m very sad and disappointed.  It just seems like the process will never be easy, things will never happen the way that they are supposed to the first time around, I will always have to take the longest and most difficult road to get to where I want to be.  I’m super depressed so I’m not gonna write a lot, but just wanted to update because I know y’all were looking forward to hearing about my appointment.  Maybe there is a silver lining here, I just don’t think I’m ready to look for it yet.

One Response to “Appointment Troubles”

  1. Gillian said

    I love you so, so much and I have never been more proud of you ever. You’re a fighter.

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