Strangers asking about me at work…

September 11, 2011

Twice in the past week I’ve been at work and people have asked about me.  Strangers have asked about me.  The first time a guy just walked up to me, looked at my blank name tag, and asked: is your name Peter? Yes, I’m Peter. Then he just said, cool, and walked out of the store. WEIRD. A couple of days later a lady came through the line returning a dress, but I was occupied so she went to the register beside me.  After she left my co-worker turned to me and asked: did you know that lady that I was just ringing up?  Cause she seemed to know you.  It was weird, because just in the middle of the transaction she stopped, looked over at you, and asked me if your name was Peter.  I told her yeah, because I thought y’all knew each other. I shook my head, I’ve never seen her in my life, I said. WEIRD, TWICE. Scares me a bit.

I don’t want to assume bad things, I would much rather think that I have admirers of my blog, but I can’t help but feel weird about the fact that neither of them introduced themselves to me in return.  I mean, if I was meeting someone who I admired I would definitely introduce myself.  This makes me think that maybe they’re haters instead (and you know what, if you are one of those two people and you are reading this and you aren’t a hater then please don’t take any offense, you must understand why I’m cautious).  I’m the kind of guy that scares the shit out of myself driving alone at night thinking about someone in my backseat…paranoid is the word, I think, so naturally I was watching my back all the way home, making sure cars weren’t following me and everything.  I guess I didn’t realize I was that easy to find, ill have to reread my posts and change some stuff.

In other news I got followed around by high school lesbians at a different mall yesterday.  I remember feeling like that, seeing an older lesbian and just wanting to watch them for advice.  The girls yesterday even bought a soda from the fast food place I was cruising in order to justify standing so close to me and staring at me for so long. 

In other news still, I’m about to start bartending school!  I’m gonna get a license and then head straight for the gay bars, y’all know that’s where I’m gonna make all my money!

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