Been a while…now I’m a gay man!

January 25, 2012

So, its been a while since I’ve done any kind of update…the problem is, I don’t have internet at my house and I work 40+ hours a week, so I’m always too tired to go find/steal internet from somewhere else.  The only time I get internet is at my bartending job on Wednesday nights (where I am right now), but I only have time to get on if it’s not too busy.  I plan on moving to a new house in February, so internet will no longer be an issue.  I promise there is a video coming soon!  Sorry, about the inconsistency.

So, last night my sweetheart and I decided to check out the famed Country Night at East End in Chapel Hill.  I was expecting…Country Night: a chance for college greeks to shed their layers of khakis and polos to LARP (live-action-role-play) in plaid and boots.  BUT here’s a curve ball for ya, I think there were more european gay men at country night than there were actual countrypeople.  I think “Country Night” must be a well-known, city-wide pseudonym for: Skinny Jeans-Cute Curly Mofro (just another word for frohawk) Haircuts-Aldo Boots-and Sexy Gay Germans in Muscle Shirts-Night.  I didn’t hear a single country song all night, but the DJ was actually pretty sick.  OVERALL, the music was good, the crowd was fun (with the usual creepy-old-man, and way-too-drunk-fratboy exceptions), the beer was cheap, and I’ll definitely be attending “Country Night” again.

I bring up country night, because last night made me realize that society has a new opinion of me.  No longer am I seen as a woman, I’m not viewed as a lesbian, I’m not viewed as pre-pubescent boy…I am now assumed a GAY MAN.  I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. 

I am an effeminate man.  Not gay, but very effeminate and its no surprise to me that I get hit on by more gay men than any other identity.  I’m okay with it, I’m very awkward about it, but I’m alright with it.

While walking to country night, Hannah and I passed through a circle of drunk guys.  Real manly-mans (1. Gross  2.  what is a manly-man anyways?).  Hilarious to them, one of them yelled out “HEY LADIES” as we walked by…my thought progression:

Don’t talk to my girlfriend like that!
Wait, did he just call me a lady?
I haven’t been mistaken for a girl in almost a month and a half…
Wait, there’s NO WAY he thinks I’m a girl.  Cause I’m not.
OOOOHHHH, he thinks I’m a gay boy!!!
Wait, even though he recognized me as a boy, he was still trying to make fun of me.
Damn it.

So, I am very happy to be seen as a man (even a gay one!), but I’m also beginning to understand a whole new set of struggles.  I always thought that most discrimination I will experience will be due to my transgenderism, but now discrimination against gay men is becoming more relevant to me.  Interesting.

2 Responses to “Been a while…now I’m a gay man!”

  1. Brian Lancaster said

    An interesting paradigm shift for sure. But I’m glad you’re enjoying your new label as a man. That’s what life is all about. (Being a man. jk)

  2. you are the shit. glad i knew you before and i’d like to know the new you too.

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