I’m Peter- a 21 year old transguy from North Carolina about to start my medical transition.

I’ve created this blog for many reasons, the first and most important being: education of others. I believe that the first step in the direction towards acceptance is understanding, so I am putting myself out there as one person’s experience for anyone and everyone to learn from and about. I am attempting to create a space where questions are encouraged with the utmost enthusiasm, ask me anything and everything on your mind (there are no stupid questions!) because the most efficient way to learn is to ask. I mean it. Ask me.

With this blog, I also hope to reduce isolation of all kinds, to help people who do AND do not relate to my specific stories, to reinforce positivity among minorities, and to prevent suffering and struggle and replace it with hope. Struggle is a human issue, not just a trans one, so I encourage all people to take a step towards understanding.

Other reasons for starting this blog include: charting my progress as I medically transition to keep forever and ever, and to have a space for me to express my personal feelings about what I’m going through. 

Read on, friends!  I hope you enjoy.

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